Our VIP Portable Toilets are among the best in the industry. These self contained portable/ mobile toilets come complete with Flushing System, Wash basin, Soap Dispenser, Hand towel holder, Tissue holder, Mirror & Night time LED lights. The toilets are suitable for all events from small family functions to large gatherings.

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Our Construction Toilets are suitable for all long lease construction projects or anywhere else where sanitation services are not readily available.

Toilets are non-flush chemical toilets. Weekly service is available to ensure that toilets are always clean. 

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We provide self contained portable showers, that are suitable for all outdoor purposes including camping, church conferences and other excursions. Our showers are rigid and strong, they come complete with shower mats, soap holders, shower head connected to a 20 Litre bucket that can be used by up to 3 people before needing to be refilled. Our onsite janitors and cleaners will help with setup and cleaning of showers.  

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